Ballet Entertainment
As though nothing could fall
A ballet about the story of the Berlin wall
What is it about?
The concept
In a thrilling performance AS THOUGH NOTHING COULD FALL tells the story of a divided nation based on the example of the Berlin Wall and thus hits the nerve of current political events.

An expressive choreography combines the destinies that led to the near insurmountable border and the bliss after the fall of the wall together with a dynamic, deeply touching choreography.

The beauty of ballet and the powerful body language of modern dance unfold to exclusively composed contemporary music. Some pieces are inspired by fragments of popular songs of the wall period from both East and West. All this ignites an entertainment fireworks on a multimedia stage using video effects, emotionally touching audiences.

At the same time, AS THOUGH NOTHING COULD FALL encourages reflection on the calls for exclusion and demarcation, which grow louder in current times.
How will it look?
Stage design gallery
Whether caught behind the wall or in the midst of a daredevil attempt to escape through the night sky:
deploying state-of-the-art projection technology in combination with the moving elements of the stage design, it is possible to lend the scenes a poignant realism that draws the audience to into the action with all their senses.
how will it be done?
Technical facts

Spectacular & variabel
Thanks to its construction, consisting of several movable modules, the monumental-looking stage set can transform spatial effects in a few simple steps. Impressively this showcases a wide variety of atmospheres from one moment to the next.

Innovative and realistic
The use of state-of-the-art technical know-how employing multiple projections makes possible the reproduction of various scenes of the event in a hyper realistic way. The projection source is part digital and part film, in part produced exclusively for the piece in Berlin.

Maximum effect and easy transport
The mobile and light stage design guarantee rapid assembly and disassembly, as well as an easy transport: perfect for touring.

For whom and why now?
Motivation and target audience
The 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall this coming November brings a sense of occasion to review the historical events. However, almost overshadowing history is the debate on the subject arising from the well-spring of calls to erect new walls.
While the construction projects in Mexico and Israel are ever-present in the media, there are numerous concrete plans for hard borders elsewhere, so that one has to speak of a universal trend.

AS THOUGH NOTHING COULD FALL seeks to stimulate a sensitive and reflective treatment of this topic through the path of entertainment, to create a vivid sense of history and to encourage the audience to reconsider the present virulent tendencies of division.

The stylistic variety of the choreography, presented in the midst of a sensational set design guarantees high entertainment value that succeeds in satisfying many artistic tastes. Ballet and dance lovers in particular will be fascinated by a dance performance at the highest level.

The medial effects of the impressive stage design with its variable stage elements and three-dimensional images create a realistic, immersive image of the scene. The musical diversity, based on exclusively created pieces take the audience on the highly emotional journey. All this make this production easily accessible for audiences without dance knowledge, both enjoyable and an intense experience.
David Bowie, Heroes: „[...] I, I can remember (I remember) Standing, by the wall, And the guns The guns shot above our heads (over our heads) And we kissed As though nothing could fall (nothing could fall).[...]"

Who initiates it?
Ballet Entertainment, a production company founded by Alexander Abdukarimov, Arshak Ghalumyan and Alexander Shpak. The three ballet dancers seek to realize their goal of modernizing and popularizing dance. Their mission is to increase the appeal and excitement for the broader public by using the intriguing virtuosity of ballet in combination with the emotional and physical power of modern dance and by incorporating the latest media technologies.

Creative Team
Arshak Ghalumyan
Choreographer & co-direktor von Ballet-Entertainment
With choreographies of small format as well as full-length ballets for big stages, Arshak Ghalumyan has been attracting greater attention and appreciation of the dance world for some time. Starting with a wealth of stylistic experience acquired as a soloist while collaborating with world-famous choreographers, Ghalumyan developed a concise artistic style at an early age. His ballets are characterized by his passion for the emotional power of dance, which turns them into varied and innovative stage events.
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Nicole Kohlmann
Dramaturg & Choreographic Assistant
The dramaturge worked as a dancer for many years, gaining experience with a wide variety of styles and developing a sensitive feeling for the expressiveness and mode of action of movement. Extending from this ability she supports the choreographer Arshak Ghalumyan in the creation of AS THOUGH NOTHING COULD FALL and ensures an emotionally touching, conclusive and varied dramaturgical process.
Nikola Nalbantov
Stage, Light & Costume Designer
Up-and-coming artist Nikola Nalbantov is counted among the avant-garde of set designers on account of his innovative visual concepts and has received numerous awards and nominations. Through the sensitive use of the latest technologies, Nalbantov succeeds in turning stages into energetic spaces of experience that are in themselves an event, yet also delivering both choreography and the art of dance at its full potential. For AS THOUGH NOTHING COULD FALL, he will create stage design, projections, the lighting design and costumes, so all we result in a cohesive aesthetic experience.
Federico Coderoni
Sound Designer & Composer
Federico Coderoni is a music producer, sound engineer and composer, specializing in contemporary and experimental electronic music. For AS THOUGH NOTHING COULD FALL he creates a contemporary composition to serve both the choreography and thrill audiences. Popular music and original recordings of historic citations of the period serve as inspiration. In this way the respective atmospheres and the historical context are suggested on the basis of the music. Coderoni makes this mix of music, sounds, rhythm and language a homogenous arrangement, which colludes synergistically with both the dance and visual experiences.
Thomas Klein
Ballet master & choreographic assistant
After a very successful career as a dancer, Thomas Klein began his career as a ballet master in 2004, which was particularly marked by his long-standing interworking with the world-famous choreographer Nacho Duato. Klein has an extraordinary sense for style and dynamics, which he conveys to the dancers with great sensitivity. For AS THOUGH NOTHING COULD FALL he will assist Arshak Ghalumyan in a trusting collaboration with his expertise and work out the realization of the choreography with the dancers.
Technical realization, tour logistic
Cooperation partner for the technical realization is the veteran event production company MegaShow. MegaShow has successfully delivered international events for more than twenty years. For AS THOUGH NOTHING COULD FALL, MegaShow will support the development and technical realization of the designs by Nikola Nalbantov, the tour management and logistics. Using state-of-the-art technology, they ensure a spectacular and effective stage design, careful planning and smooth execution.
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Who is the contact person
Project director
Alexander Shpak
CEO, co-direktor von Ballet-Entertainment
Hello and thank you for taking a look at our presentation. The team and I hope it's awakened your interest in our project and compels you to be a part of it. Our vision is to celebrate the success of this project together with you as our partner!

For further questions, I am looking forward to hearing from you!!

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