Tanz Kaleidoskop ist eine Reihe von INSPIRIERENDEN BALLETT GALA-ABENDEN

Tanz Kaleidoskop ist eine Reihe von INSPIRIERENDEN BALLETT GALA-ABENDEN

Lebendige künstlerische Stücke zahlreicher WELTBERÜHMTER CHOREOGRAPHEN vereinen sich in einer Aufführung wie die funkelnden Schätze.

Lebendige künstlerische Stücke zahlreicher WELTBERÜHMTER CHOREOGRAPHEN vereinen sich in einer Aufführung wie die funkelnden Schätze.

Diese ausgewählten Choreografien werden von INTERNATIONAL ERFOLGREICHEN TANZER:INNEN aufgeführt, deren Bühnenpräsenz und Talent schaffen eine Atmosphäre die das Publikum in eine Welt voller außergewöhnlicher Schönheit und Emotionen entführt.

Diese ausgewählten Choreografien werden von INTERNATIONAL ERFOLGREICHEN TANZER:INNEN aufgeführt, deren Bühnenpräsenz und Talent schaffen eine Atmosphäre die das Publikum in eine Welt voller außergewöhnlicher Schönheit und Emotionen entführt.



Wir, Oleksandr Shpak, Arshak Ghalumyan und Alexander Abdukarimov, gründeten 2018 das Ballet Entertainment, eine Produktionsfirma und Platform für unsere Aktivitäten als Kulturimpresarios

Mehr über uns können Sie auf unserer Website erfahren….
Wir, Oleksandr Shpak, Arshak Ghalumyan und Alexander Abdukarimov, gründeten 2018 das Ballet Entertainment, eine Produktionsfirma und Platform für unsere Aktivitäten als Kulturimpresarios

Mehr über uns können Sie auf unserer Website erfahren….


Die oben genannten Tänzer und Choreografen sind nur einige der zahlreichere Künstler, mit denen wir kooperieren und sind als Beispiel vorgeschlagen


Die endgültige Zusammensetzung der Künstlerbesetzung, Aufführungsnummern und das Format einer Aufführung werden für jeden einzelnen Abend/jede Spielzeit individuell ausgewählt. Ausschlaggebend sind die technischen Möglichkeiten einer Bühne, spezifischer Geschmack des beabsichtigten Publikums, Budget, Zeitpunkt der Veranstaltung, Wünsche des Kunden usw.


Das Format der Aufführung ist flexibel und kann je nach Eventart abweichen von bis zum vollen Abend von ca. 75-90 Minuten (8 bis 10 Tänzer:innen), bis hin zu einer einzelnen Solo Darstellungen von 5-20 Minuten (1 bis 3 Tänzer:innen).


Stilistisch deckt Tanz Kaleidoskop das gesamte Spektrum des Balletttanzes ab, von Klassik und Neoklassik bis hin zu Moderne aller Stilrichtungen und Stilvariationen


Für weitere Informationen empfehlen wir Ihnen mit unseren Buchungsagenten

Vitaliy Kravchenko
Agent und Tourmanager
Handy: + 49 (0) 173 6320327
E-мail: kravchenko@balletentertainment.com
© All Rights Reserved. Ballet Entertainment. 2021
© All Rights Reserved. Ballet Entertainment. 2021
Das TanzKaleidoskop
TANZ KALEIDOSKOP presents a series of inspiring ballet-gala-evenings, each one of them being dedicated to a specific topic.

Vivid artistic works by world-famous choreographers come together in one performance like sparkling treasures – forming a mesmerizing picture.

These carefully selected choreographies are performed by internationally successful dancers, their presence immersing stage and auditorium with extraordinary emotion and beauty.

DanceKaleidoskop displays the aesthetics of dance in all it's facets and endows the audience with innovative, diverse and lively performances which will entrance both established ballet-connoisseurs and novices alike.
A sensation everyone is familiar with – longing – establishes the overarching theme of the first issue of TANZ KALEIDOSKOP.

Longing can function as a motor, serve as a source of power which keeps us going, but can also have a destructive and paralysing effect on us. Everyone knows the feeling of longing for love, or a person, for peace, for freedom, maybe also for youth or immortality. Surely all of us know the longing for fortune or serenity.

Longing for something or someone always refers to a void, the absence of something, something or someone which is not there anymore or was never there in the first place. It therefore always implies a certain sense of incompleteness. Longing may salvage something unspeakable – something which penetrates to the marrow of our bones but can not be expressed with words. It is this physical aspect of longing, which makes dance such a perfect medium to express it and reflect upon it.

The choreographic treasures performed this evening reveal different forms and states of longing and will surely evoke in the audience a longing for more.
We, Oleksandr Shpak, Arshak Ghalumyan and Alexander Abdukarimov founded in 2018 Ballet Entertainment, a production company and vehicle for our activities as cultural impresarios.

In the course of our careers as ballet dancers we were shaped and influenced by a vast variety of experiences. On the one hand through the traditional Russian ballet schooling and on the other hand through our experiences as artists employed in several renowned European ballet companies. Being full members of those companies we had the privilege to collaborate with some of the most significant choreographers of our time. Touring internationally and performing our passion and craft in famous theatres all over the world, we gathered extensive knowledge regarding technical, organizational and scenographic requirements and procedures.

These experiences and skills gained from the trenches serve us now as the basis of our creative collaborations. Our goal is to preserve tradition, but not in a static, conservative way. Rather in the sense of taking the best components of the past and combining those with impulses from the present. It is this new approach to the art of ballet which will, in our opinion be required to bring the intrinsic qualities as expressive, entertaining and highly aesthetic art to a new life; making this art immortal and attractive for a wide audience of all ages and all tastes. Uniting everyone through the shared love for beauty.
Alexander Abdukarimov
Der in Moskau gebürtige Alexander Abdukarimov ist seinem Publikum
als ausdrucksstarker, energetischer und zugleich höchst sensibler Tänzer bekannt.

Moscow-born Alexander Abdukarimov is known to his audiences as an expressive, energetic and at the same time highly sensitive dancer. After training at the renowned Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg, he danced as an ensemble member a.o. at the Mikhailovsky Theater, the Victor Ullate Company in Madrid, the Ballet Kiel and has been delighting audiences at the Staatsballett Berlin since 2014. Although still young, Abdukarimov has created an enormous oeuvre of his own choreographies. For the Ballet Kiel he created, a.o. the commissioned works Chronos, Staub and Die Königin. In addition, Abdukarimov choreographed Drops, Spit Skin and Untitled with dancers from the Staatsballett Berlin. The production Kinder der Nacht (Children of the Night), created in 2018? for the Kiev Ballet was particularly well received and successful. Generally, and also in this work, Abdukarimov seeks to collaborate with other artists, such as costume or set designers, so that his pieces become distinctly sensual, homogenous and multi-layered works of art. His choreographies are characterized by a joy of experimentation, musicality and an expressive yet subtle language of movement.

Stylistically, they are characterized by a stringent formal language that forgoes complexity for its own sake in favour of a clear line and touching beauty. In contrast to most contemporary choreographers he does not avoid the challenges of dancing on pointe, but seeks new ways to integrate the particular aesthetics of this craft. In addition, he pursues with verve the popularization of the genre of ballet by integrating modern technologies such as video art, modern lighting concepts and other technical media. With the help of these means, he wants to strengthen the immersive effect of dance so that a wider audience succumbs to the allure of this art form. Abdukarimov also likes creating for performance venues beyond conventional stages in order to reach new audiences.
Alejandro Cerrudo
The Spanish choreographer Alejandro Cerrudo has been attracting attention in recent years with his humorous and lively works. He trained as a dancer at the Madrid Conservatory, then danced with the Victor Ullate Company, the Stuttgart Ballet and the Nederlands Dans Theater II before joining the Hubbard Street Dance Company in Chicago. Even during his time as a dancer, Cerrudo was able to realize his choreographic ambitions on a regular basis. From the success of these works Cerrduo was appointed house chroeographer – a position specifically created to support his choreographic creation. Whilst Cerrudo works mostly in the USA, he has also created a number of works in Europe a.o. for the Compañía Nacional de Danza in Madrid, the Ballet Augsburg, the Ballet Basel and the Junior Company of the renowned Nederlands Dans Theater, while many of his pieces can be admired worldwide. He has received numerous awards, including the Prince Charitable Trust for his first full-length piece One Thousand Pieces (2012), the Rudolf Nureyev Prize (2012), and the Donnely Fellow Award (2015). Also noteworthy is the multimedia-choreography Falls the Shadow which was created in collaboration with star dancer Daniil Simkin for the Rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Cerruda's works are created intuitively in close collaboration with the dancers. With his surprising choreographies he wants to captivate the audience and let them forget their everyday life for a moment.
Nacho Duato
Already 1983, at just 26 years of age, Duato created his first ballet Jardí Tancat for the prestigious Nederlands Dans Theater, of which he was a member of the ensemble as a dancer. In 1990 he was appointed artistic leader of the Compañía Nacional de Danza / Madrid, whose oeuvre he shaped over the next decades. Initially inspired by the famous Czech choreographer Jiří Kylián, Duato's works are characterized by fluent, harmonic movements. In spite of the filigree elegance and lightness of his choreographic style, they also reveal power, expressivity and earthiness that hark back to Duato's Spanish origins. While the characters, moods and themes of his pieces are often inspired by literature and paintings, the most important source of his choreographies is always the music. Music inspires and guides his dances, thereby making the choreography easily accessible for the viewer and allowing the beauty of his pieces to be experienced on several sensory levels at once. The dancers virtually absorb the music and give it visible expression through their bodies, sometimes actually becoming the instrument themselves.
Arshak Ghalumyan
The exceptional dancer Arshak Ghalumyan was born in Armenia and received his training at the State Ballet School of Armenia and the Hamburg Ballet School under John Neumeier. His special talent as well as his artistic sensitivity was apparent from a young age and led to successful participation in renowned ballet competitions in Lausanne and Istanbul where he reached the finals in both cases. Courted by several renowned ballet companies, Ghalumyan began his dancing career with the ensemble of the Staatsballett Berlin, where he was quickly promoted to semi-soloist and ultimately to soloist.

For many years now Arshak Ghalumyan has also been a passionate, highly successful choreographer. His wealth of experience in various dance styles coupled with his instinctive gift for harmonic movements yield diverse choreographic treasures. Ghalumyan's sensitive handling of music is also outstanding. Its moods shape his movement sequences without losing their own dynamics, making his works particularly appealing to the audience. His choreographic language is sensitive, powerful and dynamic in equal measure, merging with the music to create a poetic synthesis of the arts. Ghalumyan's choreographic talent has already earned him a special prize at the International Choreographers Competition Tanzolymp 2015 in Berlin.
Ronald Savkovic
Ronald Savkovic was born in Rijeka, Croatia, and trained as a dancer at the State Ballet Academy in his hometown and the Hungarian Ballet Academy in Budapest. Already his first engagement at the National Theater Zagreb brought him the rank of First Soloist, which he later held also at the National Theater Zagreb and the Staatsballett Berlin. He created his own choreographies during his time as an active dancer, for example the duet Transparente, which can be seen this evening and was performed at a gala of the Staatsballett Berlin. Savkovic's style is characterized by an exalted and emotional language of movement, which is already evident in this early piece, and which makes his work so touching for the viewer. In the meantime, Savkovic has joined the ranks of internationally sought-after choreographers, with a particular passion for creating full-length works. His production Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, which was created in collaboration with the famous Slovenian theatre director Tomaz Pandur in 2010 for the Staatsballett Berlin, received international recognition. Amidst a moving set that filled the entire stage, Savkovic's visually powerful choreography was able to unfold impressively. The way in which he expresses philosophical musings on relevant topics of our time in touching and sometimes shocking scenes, set the trend for the search for an innovative form of expression within ballet.
Heinz Spoerli
As early as 1972, while Spoerli was still actively dancing, he had his breakthrough as a choreographer with the piece Le Chemin at the Grand Théâtre de Genève. Spoerli's works are characterized above all by an aesthetic beauty and a reverence for music. He sees music not only as a "servant" but as an equal partner of the movements; Spoerli claims to listen to the music „with his belly" and he then subsequently translates this very personal listening experience into dance. In so doing, he works intuitively and lets his dancers sometimes explore the music exclusively based on his verbal instructions without defining steps or poses. In this way, the dancers always contribute in the creative process, but without overriding the basic ideas of the choreographer. Like many artists, Spoerli draws from a continuous confrontation with his own emotions. His visions are then developed through a preoccupation with literature and a deep examination of a theme, and finally breakthrough during the work in the studio through the power of the bodies and movements. All his works shine with balance, beauty and elegance.

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Alexander Abdukarimov / Arshak Ghalumyan / Oleksandr Shpak GbR

Parkstraße 58,
13187 Berlin

Vertreten durch:
Alexander Abdukarimov, Arshak Ghalumyan, Oleksandr Shpak

Telefon: +49 178 355 71 38
E-Mail: kontakt@balletentertainment.com

Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer gemäß § 27 a Umsatzsteuergesetz: DE317039019

Die Gewerbeanmeldung nach § 14 GewO oder § 55 c GewO GewO wurde am 06.02.2018 durch Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin Ordnungsamt | Postfach 730113, 13062 Berlin erteilt.

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